Comment: MT Report:Rigged, Fixed, Stacked Deck;All of the above applies.

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MT Report:Rigged, Fixed, Stacked Deck;All of the above applies.

I just returned from being there all day. The voting results will be released tomorrow, but I'm not very optimistic. We were very well organized, and we had all of our bases covered. We were well represented with about 45% of the total delegates, but not quite enough to change the rules that favored the establishment.

The slate of "pre-credentialed, established" delegates (Romney) was listed on the front of the ballot, and it required only one check mark to cover the entire list of delegates. The delegates nominated on the floor had to be voted on individually, and we appeared on the backside of the ballot. We had to give a 30 second speech, and the Romney-bots knew that we were mostly all the Ron Paul supporters. Being pre-credentialed, they did not have to speak. Even if we had succeeded in making everyone cast 20 individual votes from a single list of alphabetically named delegates all mixed together, rather than front-page one check mark, back page 20 check marks, we didn't have the numbers needed to win, IMO. They were lazy, and they did not want to find the delegates that supported Romney, and vote for 20 of them. They wanted a one check vote for the entire block of Romney-ites. Official result will be shared tomorrow when available. That's my take on what happened.

I was so encouraged by every Ron Paul supporter trying their hardest to get Ron Paul delegates to Tampa.