Comment: Arguing with Mother Theresa will get you

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Arguing with Mother Theresa will get you

nowhere. Leave the brain-washed officer alone, he is cognitivly incapable to grasp the conscept of Liberty. He is a Theocrat that wants you to be subject to his demented brand of Liberty that only exist in your mind. Any outburst or attempt to show the world anything that he does not approve of is branded a heretic.

We brainwashed him very well when he was in our school. He will do well against those we claim are adversaries, sacrafice many uneducated soldiers of our country, be very selfserving and claim he is a GOOD SAMARITAN to all in order to cover his own guilt.

Ignore this guy. His words are not even worth the bump. I shudder to say this but I will, God have Mercy on him because I do not know if I would.