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Comment: I believe You could be WRONG EricHoffer

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I believe You could be WRONG EricHoffer

"the Paul campaign has said zilch about this. That means they're not involved whatsoever."

Ron Paul has said zilch about Rand supporting Romney but, that doesn't mean, Ron Paul isn't still running for POTUS.

Just because, Ron Paul hasn't said anything about the lawyers or lawsuit(s) doesn't mean Ron Paul doesn't agree with it or could possibly be involved with it.

The Lawyers for Ron Paul and/or Lawsuits are getting massive attention and so far as I can tell, it’s letting the RNC/GOP know right quick that, “We the People” – Delegates are fed-up and not going to take it anymore and that in itself is making a huge difference and will continue to make a Huge impact on the current Vote Fraud and what happens at the convention.
Just because Lawsuits take time, that doesn’t mean they don’t put people on notice and have an affect long before any court dates.