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Sorry your post got -1'd by someone

Think about the vast number of power-hungry people in gov't, and you can see how special Ron Paul is. We do have many principled, humble people in our movement, and one thing that we're not doing enough is running for office ourselves. I ran in 2010, and it sure was difficult. I cringe at the idea of doing it again. But we really do need to start replacing the suckers who are there. I was hoping that Rand Paul would be another Ron Paul, but he is not. Ron's voting record is pure, and Ron will continue to sleep well every night. Rand has started on a path that is extremely hard to recover from. I wish him well, and I hope he does come back. Ron seems to have never waivered from his principles, but it would be even better if Rand recognized his mistakes and came back from them.

To the small but vocal group of people who are clicking the - button next to anything at all that is negative about Rand, it's almost like you're putting your fingers in your ears and singing. Rand has screwed up, and we can point to his exact screw-ups. He hasn't screwed up as much as the other senators, but he has still fallen way short of Ron Paul's record. I was sorely disappointed when Dennis Kucinich went ahead and endorsed Barack Obama. He is easily the most liberty-minded and constitutional congressman in the Democrat Party, and he started to get it right, but he too fell short. The fact that we HAVE a beacon of truth just goes to show us how far off the rest of the elected officials are.

Let's continue to encourage Rand to have a strictly Constitutional record and to never abandon his principles, and if he doesn't come around, let's replace him with one of us.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.