Comment: It's simple.

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It's simple.

"SOCCER MOM KILLS 5 TERRORISTS WITH A SURVIVAL KNIFE!!!... (Read More)" her first ever attempt at playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Forget about the 'take over the campaign' stuff, it's just a statement guaranteed to get our attention. It's the evil twin of the "5 ways to do this and that, Top 10 blah blah, 50 ways to rabble rabble rabble".

The main gist of the interview is that they're going in to bat for the delegates. They're going to the Supreme Court to make sure delegates are legally unbound before Tampa, and also to level all of the charges relating to the election. I'm pretty sure one of the people in the show even said that they're preparing a RICO case and treating all of the GOP criminal activity as Organised Crime.

Truly epic. The upshot of this, for me, is that they're extremely confident that this case will be heard and ruled on BEFORE Tampa. One of the lawyers said that Romney's campaign can *try*, but they won't be able to postpone or drag out the proceedings.