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My take

In my opinion, the majority of the people who attend these meetings (and other meetings such as the CFR, TC, S&B, etc.) are scum - particularly the inner circle. However, I think there are a few "good" individuals within these organizations. Or course, the word "good" is open to interpretation. There are some people who are honest but have an internationalist philosophy and, thus, are weak when it comes to libertarian or republican ideology. There are some individuals who are rich and powerful and, although they may not be "internationalists", they still catch the eyes of the elite and are invited to these meetings, looking for favors, or offering deals (maybe sometimes these are solely economic deals with little or no politics involved). Perhaps these individuals are invited once and are never invited back again. Some individuals who do not adhere to the globalist mentality are just too smart and influential too be ignored, and are allowed or invited to join these various organizations. I have heard that Robert Pape is a CFR member (I have no idea if this is true), but his book - 'Dying To Win' - was in fact praised by the CFR. Anyone who has read this book knows there is a lot of truth to his work. Carol Quigley was a big insider and even agreed with the globalist agenda, yet he still exposed their plans because he did not believe that their agenda should proceed in secret. Was he "good" or "bad"? Anyway, you get the point. The problem is is that there is simply not enough information about these organizations to really come to a definitive conclusion (at least in my opinion). Though this is the way I view Bilderberg: It's one big mound of garbage. The whole thing stinks - as it's mostly crap; however, there might be a few decent or salvageable items in the heap.