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worth listening to and enlightening

actually this interview is so worth listening to. the lawyers keeps stating that this suit was NOT agreed to by the campaign. that the people have taken over the campaign and are bringing this lawsuit forward. not only does he talk about voter fraud, unbinding delegates, criminal acts, etc., but the lawyer richard also mentions briefly that the campaign managers esp. jessie benton signed a letter violating rule 11. this rule states that the rnc and the romney campaign may not aid any candidate until they become the nominee. (listen to the area just before the 15 minute mark) i'm interested in knowing exactly what this letter says and which campaign mgrs signed it. apparently this happened back in april. so, sounds like there is real proof about some of the rumored probs in the rp campaign. also, much reference to romney's criminal acts which they liken to organized crime going state to state in dark clothing committing dark crimes.

the bottom line the lawyers state is that it is against the law to coerce a delegate to vote for a particular person. that all are unbound and can vote their conscience and that the supreme court has already ruled this in the past, so they are not trying to set a new precedence, but to uphold the constitution and the supreme court rulings over time.