Comment: This is what I'm trying to tell people

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This is what I'm trying to tell people

Call him on the things he does wrong like sanctions and endorsing Romney sure, but don't destroy the guy! Dont drive him into the arms of the establishment. He needs to know we still have his back.

There was something Doug Wead said in an interview about the advisors and lobbyist at the highest levels, that their proficiency in flattery was truly frightening, as you can probably imagine. He saw it first hand with many presidents and was surprised at how quickly they would change.

You can bet at this very moment they are whispering in his ear right now about how his supporters have turned on him, how they dont deserve him, that he can do far more with out them dragging him down.

"You want to change the country Rand? Change the world? You can do so. Ditch these idealogues and extremists. They are only hurting you. They got you in, but now you are in, and we can make sure you stay. You can take your movement farther than you or your father ever imagined. Work with us Rand and we'll make all these things happen. It's what your father has been preparing you for all these years. You can take your movement into the promised land. Make the tough choices your father refused to. It is your destiny. Of course you will be expected to do your part... pull your weight... be a team player naturally, but you don't have to compromise your principles in any way, at least not in any serious manner... Nothing is free Rand, but some things are worth it. You know in your heart it will be worth it right? A little sacrifice for a lot of gain? Think of all those who sacrificed so much to get you here and why they did it. Even though they have now forsaken you, you will now have the opportunity to grant them all the things they ever wanted. You can show them what can be gained by working within the system, playing the game. We're not so bad Rand. We want the same things you want too. There's just certain realities that can't be ignored, that we must pay respect to... We abhor them just as much as you but with you on our side we can start to change things. Think of what we can accomplish together. Think of your legacy Rand. Think of your father's legacy. Think of everything you stand to gain from our partnership. Think of-" *Punches lobbyist out, smacks Rand back to reality* "THROW THE RING IN THE FIRE RAND!"

I think Alex is right, ease up a little, he's under extraordinary pressure and he needs to know who his friends are. He needs a Samwise right now. Frodo rebuked samwise at one point and chose golem instead for a portion of his journey, thinking golem could help him get to mt. Doom to destroy the ring. An utter betrayal of a loyal friend. But thats exactly what Samwise was, a loyal friend. He didnt give up on Frodo, or think the worst. He could see the ring was getting to Frodo's head but Samwise wouldnt give up on him, and wouldnt let Frodo give up either. He came through in the end to help him finish the job.
That is our responsibility. However hurt you feel about Rands course of actions, do not give up on him.