Comment: Oh, the lost sheep in this world!

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Oh, the lost sheep in this world!

Dr Ron Paul is the only candidate who cares what happens to our country, Hw would return the power to the people and would do the job for $39,373. the others would take every dollar they can get because they are all "politics as usual". This Gay Johnson is just part of the 'establishment gestapo' and their ploy to do anything and everything they can to stop Ron paul. He is the only true Constitutionalist and the only real hope for this country. Personal gain is not and never has been his aim. Anyone who cannot see this, is just plain blind or stupid! I will support him and vote for him just as I have pledged to do! I will continue to boycott TV news in al forms and will do as much as I can to spread the good news about Ron Paul. What is wrong with freedom and personal liberty? Are you neocans all just plain crazy? Ron Paul is the only candidate who will shrink government down to where it should be. No one else will take on that chore. He will repeal every dictororial move Obama has made. None of the others will do this. Please THINK, for a change!

Carol J Goodwin