Comment: We all pay for knowledge - Why is this any different?

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We all pay for knowledge - Why is this any different?

I can't believe all the negative comments regarding the $99 fee that Tom Woods is charging for this course. We all pay much, much more than that in other areas of life for "knowledge." First and most obvious, as other posts have pointed, we pay much more for college courses of similar and often far lesser quality.

Let me take it to a different level: doctors and lawyers. Think about it. When you go to a doctor or lawyer, what do you usually get? Opinions and suggestions are what what you usually get. However, short of surgery by a doctor or a trial with an attorney, you could give yourself advice or suggestions IF YOU HAD THE KNOWLEDGE! So, why do you pay doctors and lawyers a whole lot of money to diagnose the condition or analyze the problem and suggest the appropriate remedy or course of action? You do it because they have the KNOWLEDGE to do it CORRECTLY.

You could spend years studying EVERYTHING in the fields of medicine and law so that you could just treat or advise yourself, but that is rather impractical - is it not? So you pay others instead.

So why is it wrong for Mr. Woods to charge a modest fee for his years of hard work studying and researching so that he can present "correct" information and make suggestions for the "appropriate" course of action?

For those who are able to do this on their own, they probably already have. But they are the ones who will probably sign up first, realizing what a bargain it is and wanting to give it as a gift to someone less informed.

Buck up! Pay the $99 and join today so you will "know your stuff."

Skip Marshall
Attorney at Law (and Defender of Liberty)