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Check this out from Texas:

A Texas delegate sent this out, starting to shiver in their boots, methinks:

Dear Congressional District 32 Delegates to the TEXAS State Convention:

First, thanks again for your willingness to serve as a state delegate to the Texas State GOP Convention. It was a very exciting convention and featured great speakers and important debates.

I am writing also to thank you for electing Dan Pickens, Chris Davis and me, to be delegates to the national GOP convention in Tampa in late August. You also elected three alternate delegates, Marty Forte, Regina Imburgia and Christopher Haley.
This is a very exciting year in America's history and am I honored and excited to represent you at the national convention.

I also wanted to reaffirm the pledge I gave in my email to you before the convention: I will stand with the voters of Texas and support Mitt Romney as our Republican nominee, because he is the choice of the majority of Republican primary voters in Texas. You may be aware that a large group of supporters of another candidate has filed a lawsuit in federal court in California, seeking an order from the judge that delegates to the national convention are not bound to support the candidate who won their state's primary election, and that they can instead vote their conscience at the national convention. At least 120 national delegates are part of this effort, and reportedly 40 more are seeking to join in the litigation. I think that the only ethical action for Republican delegates is to honestly represent the voters of their respective states and to vote for the candidate those voters chose. That is my commitment.

Thanks again for your support.

Debbie Georgatos