Comment: Confused?

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First, in this interview he says he discussed it with Ron and told him he wouldn't do it until the numbers were certain on the delegate count. However, Carol said it wasn't discussed and they only found out 30 min before it happened in her interview. Something doesn't add up there and personally I'd trust Carol before Rand on this.

Second, who cares if Romney had "enough delegates"? Then following that up with keep fighting for the platform. Is he oblivious to the fact it will disenfranchise some supporters? He should have at the very least waited until ALL delegates were assigned as this will cost the liberty movement delegates in Tampa and therefore some power to change the GOP platform. Even if done for purely political reasons and not any sort of ideology, that was a mistake.

Overall, Rand should learn to play poker. He needs to learn when the proper time to show your hand is. The more scared Romney and the GOP is of losing support, the more they will be able to be swayed. The establishment GOP wants one thing above all others, electing Romney. If they think part of the support they could get is in jeopardy they'll listen. However, if they think the liberty movement will be easily co-opted, they won't.

Sell out? I don't think so. Dumb move? Definitely.