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Comment: Nothing against gay people,

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Nothing against gay people,

Nothing against gay people, but I want to know if Gary Johnson is gay 'before' I go and vote for him. Please no after the fact revelations. He sure had a gay demeanor at the first debate. Nothing against his words, ideas, or athleticism, but gay or not I think the main reason these potentially great candidates don't get traction with voters is probably because of how they speak, and how nerdy, weak, and girly they sound which again has nothing to do with their great ideas.

Ron Paul's voice is not excluded from criticism. He's come a long way from people shutting him out based on the sound of his voice to having people listening to his words, and now I love his voice because when I hear it I know the brand of truth, honesty and ideals I crave to hear. Perot, Paul, Johnson all come to mind as candidates who had C- voices, and A to A+ ideas.