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Why.. My perceptions

1. Because there's an Audit The Fed vote in a few weeks. Getting a commitment from Mitt now will help more than after the convention (Mitt may flip flop then anyway)
2. For maximum exposure and ensure all legislators will hear it.
3. See 1.

Don't get divided. Stay focused on the movement. The audit vote is a game changer. If we can get an audit passed in the House, that will help move the Senate, which comes next. A Fed audit would be the very best thing liberty minded folks could possibly hope for, right now, in this global economic crisis. We have to audit to endit.

Seeing Paul win the nomination in August would be fabulous (however remote the chances) but the vote is on our doorstep now.

Let's all keep getting the petition signed to our legislators, which includes an email letter as well (to both House and Senate reps).
Let's keep getting the delegates, because the more we have in Tampa the stronger we are. Let no delegate stay home.
Let's keep adding more to our ranks by opening eyes to the reality of what and who is destroying our nation.