Comment: dont post it on this forum

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dont post it on this forum

Don't post it on the "Ron Paul 2012" forum. Post it on a different forum ie "DP Liberty Forum" or "Current Events" or "Politics and Law". Folks here have a legitimate gripe about posting GJ content in the RP2012 forum. I don't think it's appropriate myself and I don't blame others for rejecting it on those grounds.However I don't believe we have a legitimate gripe if you post it in one of the other forums.

Certainly there has to be a mutually acceptable place on this website for posting content pertaining to government, electoral politics and campaign news. People post articles and videos of Romney, Obama, and scores of other crooked ass politicians on this site. We can not exclude content about this one politician who has always had kind words to say about Ron, and has supported Ron when few other Republicans would. It's not like he ever endorsed McCain or umm... Romney (cough cough). And that boy has his own forum here.

There has to be some way to come to some sort of agreement, in order to restore some peace around here in the wake of last weeks endorsement fiasco. It's gonna take some time to clean up the mess that boy created last week. Don't drive people away. Keep them here.