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I want with

all my heart to see Ron Paul get the nomination but if he doesn't and after Tampa everyone switches to GJ it will be too late to get him in the debates with Obama and Romney. I think it would be wise to get GJ at 15% in the polls as back-up if Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination. He has to poll 15% before September 3 to get in the debates and they probably won't have a poll right after Tampa to block him. My first choice will always be Ron Paul, but writing him in won't do anything seeing how the media won't say anything about it (sorry TMOT). I looked up the results in Virginia from the 2008 election and there was a few Ron Paul write ins, but also there was cartoon characters and other nonsense. I am sure GJ will step aside if the good doctor gets the nomination to unite the Liberty movement. But no one listens and they will just say don't post about GJ and I am waiting to see what happens in Tampa, as Ron Paul said it's not about him it's about Liberty and Peace not a cult following like you see with Obummer or WRongmney.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson