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I suppose you like the current system better,

where the Senate is owned by Zionists, Banksters, and the Corporate world? You only have to look at Rand to see how easily they are co-opted by these forces! Tenther's want the states to have there own rights granted by the Constitution. If they elect the Senators, they can remove them if they don't follow their platform. It's all about state right, not giving power to the Feds to dicatate against the states. If your state desires to empower what you call 'white protestant heterosexual', then you can move to a state where 'diverse atheist homosexuals' are desired! It's real simple, do you want the people of the state to do the will of their people or the Feds who do the will of the NWO Republic destroying group??? Do you want to pay for Alaska's 'road to nowhere' or new roads and rails to transport industrialized hemp to create jobs and enrich your state???