Comment: Sold, For A Hundred Dollars

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Sold, For A Hundred Dollars

I am glad to find this post and this effort from Tom Woods and the other professors. I first came to the comments here to see what people thought and all I could find against it were negative comments about the price. I've paid a $100 on a single college textbook that was good for one semester...let's be honest, this is a deal for a dozens of courses taught by PhD level professors. I broke out the debit card and am watching my first video right now. The quality is excellent, the information dense and I'm impressed with the topics they've managed to offer so far and like that my yearly membership includes all new content. I've won some smart supporters by my ability to communicate history and truth accurately. If you're out there just blasting "End The Fed" but can't take a person through basic economic theory, the history of the Fed and how the Fed is actually used to create money...why should someone listen to you?