Comment: Attorney for Ron Paul bring case to Judge David O. Carter

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Attorney for Ron Paul bring case to Judge David O. Carter

I have been supporting Dr. Paul for over twenty years, and gave him my indefatigable efforts in 2007/2008, and again in 2011/2012. As so many of us I talked, phone called and persuaded people into the movement and into the local (in this case) Orange County GOP as central committee members. I am a political science major (from Auburn University), home of Von Mises Institute. I am a former U.S. Army Capt., with the Special Operations Command and served in Desert Storm 1990-1991.

I have been in Judge David O. Carter's courtroom here in the 9th Circuit court in California. It is my opinion that this Judge will collapse, as he has in the past, under political pressure. On the surface he is a good man, has a good career, a good civil and military background. Beneath the surface he has caved to political interests historically, to the extent of reversing his position when faced with the Federal Attorney General's Office appearing in his court room. I am inclined to believe he will disappoint again; I pray that I am wrong. I am not posting this to dampen enthusiasm, but rather to issue an appeal to steel your enthusiasm and guard your hopes.

If I am right, the Revolution for Freedom continues, Ron Paul is the same today as he was twenty and thirty years ago. The Liberty movement takes a small emotional hit but carries on more determined, more educated and wiser for it as a movement. If I am wrong, and David O. Carter, stays the course, remains stalwart for truth and justice as I know he is otherwise inclined to be, than I am proud to be wrong and thankful for it.