Comment: Let's not take things out of context

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Let's not take things out of context

all it means is that since Paul is not doing much campaigning and flying around and conserving Money, the grassroots efforts will now take the reigns of the campaign to steer it down to tampa. let Ron Paul focus his energies and finances on getting ready for tampa. We'll do the rest.

I sincerely believe that this is the true message being conveyed. That WE the people are the Revolution and we need to display our own ability to be leaders and decision-makers for the better of the campaign during this time.

Noone is "taking over" ANYTHING! Just holding the reigns to keep the horse guided until we get to tampa. let's not nitpick. The Paul campaign may not have the finances to spend on lawsuits etc. As far as I know the lawsuit has given many hope! and we probably should all be keeping our fingers crossed and hope for the best because a win would be an absolute game changer!

I personally hope that it all works out for the better. I will attempt to get feedback from the campaign on what they think about the direction. once i do, i'll let you know. It goes without saying that i support the efforts of the official camp above all else. and what they say regarding the matter.. goes.. as far as im concerned.

However considering they havent issued any statement of disapproval i gather the notion that their position is one of "go for it and good luck".