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not exactly! For example,

not exactly!

For example, you have no right to point a gun at someone in public, even if you dont shoot. This is similar to running red lights, stop signs, drunk driving, and reckless driving. You have no right to be reckless in public, and stop signs, speed limits, red lights, and passing lanes are proper regulation for vehicular travel.
NOW, what is NOT proper vehicle safety regulation is licensing and registration for your private noncommercial car.
So, if you are going down the road at the right speed, not weaving or changing lanes recklessly, and obeying safety regulations that potentially affect others, then the cops have no right to stop you for no license plate, UNLESS you are a taxi, limo, freight, or other commercial vehicle.

MANY people get it soooo wrong. They get a license and registration, then ride around like fools and try to claim that the police are behaving unconstitutionally. THEY ARE WRONG.

It is only the civil and regulatory rules THAT DO NOT AFFECT OTHERS that are unconstitutional to stop you for, whereas 'driving without headlights' is a proper stop, speeding in excess of 20 mph over the speed limit is proper, running a red light is proper.

IM not saying these tickets cant be fought, but they probably wont be won based on unconstitutional arrest.