Comment: Lawyers For Ron Paul- I have EVIDENCE on LFRP -BAD NEWS!

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Lawyers For Ron Paul- I have EVIDENCE on LFRP -BAD NEWS!

OMG they have BEEN EXPOSED!!

I have clear evidence that the LFRP is fraudulently posing as multiple organizations that may very well be profiting from the UNINFORMED people of not only America, but the world.

Follow me on this please.

It has become clear through multiple internet links that the LFRP is using subtle language to usurp the basic fundamentals of a free society. On certain blogs it appears as though intentional dissention and disinformation is occurring. Example, Is this how the LFRP channel is supposed to work?

It also appears that this is a clearing house for acquiring information, i.e “recording” as much information as possible for some clandestine reason. Example, Compilation Seeking Submission -LFRP?

Clear evidence is has been submitted to authorities that the LFRP is secretly in collusion with a foreign organization that is masquerading as a sports team promoting the growth of something green. Example, LFRP.

More evidence can be reviewed by viewing the PDF that speaks of the information sharing program being filed. This information was uploaded by a Uploader that has a very good reputation according to the site host. Example, LFRP RFP. It is believed that the acronym of the file was named to represent Ron For President, but this cannot be confirmed. It is also possible that the campaign endorses this because the name includes Ron.

It also appears as though this group has a monetary agenda that is stealthily hidden in other documents that can be found on the world wide web. A funding agreement has been uncovered that reveals that this is likely being supported by industries unfriendly to liberty. Read the 3rd paragraph of this clandestine operation it clearly speaks of the LFRP; Royalty Partners .

According to sources deep within the KREMLIN, it appears that there may even be a more sinister agenda behind this group. A new report by the Security Council of the Russian Federation noted that, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a five-year contract totaling $15,224,927 to Tulane University for the expanded study in the LFResearchProject .

One must look under every rock in order to overturn the evil permeating our lives.

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