Comment: Dr. Paul DOES "see the level of support and determination".

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Dr. Paul DOES "see the level of support and determination".

IMO, it is what keeps him going. As to your comment about basing some decisions upon what he sees us doing, one thing that struck me is his announcement of a rally in Tampa. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there 2 different rallies being planned by supporters that was causing some conflict between the 2 groups?

If anyone has seen the links I've posted about the 1968 convention, you'll understand my concerns about our people in Tampa. I honestly believe Dr. Paul decided to hold his own rally there to help protect us in Tampa. He, too, remembers the 1968 convention (nobody who saw that could ever forget it) and probably has the exact same concern for his supporters now.

I'm convinced Dr. Paul does base many of his decisions on watching our backs, too! God bless and protect Ron Paul and all patriots!

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