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GS, I think you are a good person at heart. I am not going to go this way or that way with you.

I still have no reply from Jon on ever being banned. If I was, it way back in 07 or 08. So please don't try to reach deep into some bag of tricks in an attempt to discredit me. I think it is possible that I was banned, and that may be the reason why I also have honorgod1. The newest one Lone - Liberty, is for another reason that I cannot speak of. I apologies to you ( I am sorry) if I insulted you in any way.

Honestly, I just look back over the last 3 days and feel that this is all so stupid. No one can do anything about the damned case. It has been filed and names arre already on it. It is a done deal. So we can argue all we want.

There is no stopping it... Period.
I am sure there are many more issues at hand that require our attention.