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His real purpose... to put up nonsense comments such that any substantial information, links, and critical information that people need to know regarding the case in replies is pushed to the next reply tabs where few people look.

His pattern is obvious and he's been doing it for quite awhile.

In that vein, I will provide the link to the ACTUAL FILED COURT CASE again here

as well as a critical review here

I will also point out to make sure to view Steve Martin's comments below about the "lawyer" (NOT lawyers) a) being a democrat and b) having several questionable clouds over his past. Steve is a proponent of the case and even he goes so far to point out these weaknesses. I suspect this information from Steve is what "HonorGod" is attempting to push down to the next page because it is so embarrassing.

He'll need to reply quite a few times to get this one, since it's close to the top, pushed to the next page. However, he'll employ his 2 other friends under 18 sockpuppets to help.

Watch, it's almost funny at this point, it's so ridiculous.