Comment: Ridiculous indeed.

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Ridiculous indeed.

He absolutely could have "gone to the press". There is no reason why any one of Ron Paul's senior campaign managers could not have contacted the media and set up a press conference. The left leaning media (MSNBC etc), would have had a field day with the GOP fraud that was rampant all throughout the debates.

I've heard people say many times "Ron Paul's hands were tied because he would have just looked like a sore loser". BULL!!!! As a man who has fought for liberty and truth his entire life, he would have looked like someone who was consistent in his beliefs!!

Jesse Benton and Olsen should have NEVER been involved in this campaign. I place most of the blunders of this campaign squarely on the shoulders of those men. And in the case of Trigvye Olsen.... He's nothing but a GOP RAT!!

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies".