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I believe it

Do not think for one minute the plutocrat, Rockefeller, RINO Republicans would not welcome a second Obama term. If RP were the nominee and he lost, he would be blamed for the failure, the movement crippled, and the RINOs back in complete control.

Romney was undercutting McCain/Palin before the 2008 election as reported by the American Spectator, so, as one of his former aids then working for McCain said, Romney would be in charge the day after the expected (hoped for) loss. The Palin smears originated there, and still persist from the likes of RINO Nicole Wallace, whose husband is a Romney staffer. Palin is a natural ally to Ron Paul with her call for "sudden and relentless reform."

There is nothing these bass turds will not do for power, and if it's to take out the Paul movement in one fell swoop, they would do it in a hearbeat. Eight years of Mitt Romney is more dangerous than a lame duck Obama. At least we know Obama is the enemy. Would that we had a Congress with spine, which we may after this cycle.