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Comment: It can't be proportional - that's illegal

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It can't be proportional - that's illegal

It will always be illegal, because there is no provision for political parties in the constitution of the united states.

The only votes that count are GENERAL elections. Any dumbass can create a political party. But the primary is not an ELECTION, it never has been or will be, they make you think it is, but it's not. Your Secretary of State does not have a law that says place the primary winner on the general election ballot, what the law says is that if your political party reaches a threshold in the last election of 1%, 2%, 5% etc on a statewide ballot the candidate(s) of your party will placed on the ballot automatically rather than by petition.

Some states offer a primary paid by the tax payers to gauge what the members of these political parties above that have met the threshold criteria to see who their members prefer for whatever political position they are running for, but those primary votes are just for "fun", because the law reads that the secretary from any state party reaching the threshold to be considered a major party will submit the names of those candidates it wishes to be on the general election ballot. The party does not even need to have a primary, they can just assign somebody to the general election ballot if they wish. They have primaries to gain free media, and control, as well as keep smaller political parties out.