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Why I do the interview's

I do the interviews for the benefit of the viewers. I do the interviews to reveal contradictions in the politicians thinking that they and, or the viewers may not be aware of; so that the viewers can think about what is the truth regarding what is the optimal public policy. This is often the beginning of changing a person's mind. First, they must be convinced that they are necessarily mistaken because two contradictory conclusions can not both be true.

If the politician is contradicting himself he is necessarily mistaken. The voter may also have the same contradiction in his mind and he is also necessarily mistaken. Thus, it behooves him to determine which of the two contradictory conclusions is true, if any.

I do not do the interviews to ridicule politicians. Only to investigate the truth. They ridiculed themselves by their irrational behavior and expose their true character to the public. This is quite beneficial to the voters who can then know the true character of the politician they are deciding to vote for or not. They can know the most important thing about the politician - whether he is willing to reason or not.

Whether I convinced the politician or not, is of secondary value. I do however, sometimes get them to admit that they are mistaken and make the right choice.

Regarding your recommendations on how to conduct interviews. If anybody proceeded as you suggested they would get no interviews. The politician would say, thank you for letting me know, I've decided not to do the interview. What I do is an intellectual expose'. You don't tell the double dealer that you're going to expose him and expect to catch him. But by all means, you go ahead and try and see how many interviews you get. The fact that I have interviewed so many high-profile politicians and journalists is an amazing feat in itself, if I do say so myself. Do you know anybody else who has done it? I wish there were 100 Jan Helfeld's doing interviews, because that is what the country needs. I am doing what I can, so why don't you join me and do some? Good luck.

Jan Helfeld