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I am not as smart as you and

I am not as smart as you and am still learning how to communicate to others effectively. I run across a profound apathy regarding knowing truth. My family listens to me and likes me because they know I am not against them. They know I want them to improve their reasoning, like I want to improve my own reasoning. But why do I want to do this? I cannot be content until I understand it. From my journey so far I have only realized I am farther away than I thought I before I started asking questions. I try not to force on other people because this is ineffective for them and also they sometimes misunderstand or rightly understand a judgmental intent on my part. I try to listen and be humble to know when to speak and when not to.

I really do enjoy your interviews and I agree, 100 more interviewers revealing policy makers contradictions will be beneficial for our society. My target audience has been those I know closely, but sometimes I feel discouraged when I do not see positive results. Whereas you do this for your viewers I do this usually one on one and in small groups and without a camera obviously. I want to go farther than just exposing, but this might be a good first step and I am truly grateful that you are doing this. It brings no glory to you personally but glories truth.

I have not watched all your videos, although I saw some on your YouTube. I was surprised at Biden's interview, Dinesh D'Sousa, and some others who actually did handle the approach well. This was encouraging. Personally, I try not to take offense (an impediment to learning) and I enjoy disciple. "The Lord disciplines those he loves."

I will share your a couple of your links on FaceBook and recommend you to others when appropriate.

Thanks for the reply. God bless.