Comment: We should do an end-run AROUND the GOP ...

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We should do an end-run AROUND the GOP ...

... slam the Democrat/Liberal blogs and message boards to alert them to the fact that Romney is using illegal tactics to win the GOP nomination, and the Dems/Libs should be worried and get the word out because he will do the same to Obama.

Let them know it is Karl Rove and the Bush gang (whom they hate and fear, anyway) that is doing this behind the scenes and IT WILL HURT OBAMA (they don't care about Ron Paul, but they do care about Obama).

No need to "support" Ron Paul in such messages -- just let the Dems know that Mitt is a crook (which they already believe, anyway) and scare them (they go on emotion, not logic, after all) that Mitt will do to Barrack what he is doing to Ron.

Maybe, just maybe, the Dems can make this go viral. If so, Mitt is sunk.