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From the First Attack Ad

I knew someone was co-opting the campaign. I wrote the campaign and got brushed off. My last attempt to reach someone in the campaign...Fri Dec 30 2011
Subject: I only wish For some reply.
I then wrote a letter to Doug Wead who urged me to make another attempt to alert someone in the campaign

So I wrote:
I now realize you have stopped listening to the people who are the backbone to your rise since 2007
Instead you have listened to the professionals. These are the same professionals running all the major campaigns. They learned their trade from those who you have opposed these many years.
Now they are, through their negative ads, destroying your and my hopes of changing the culture.
I represent over 500 conversions to Ron Paul and funds through many avenues.
I'm just one of the little people that are no longer relevant to "The Machine".

Please have a campaign staff member contact me

I received this: "If you would like to help out and volunteer, please let us know. Thanks!"

March 10th I went on Daily Paul with the same message only more intense...
I encourage you to read it

I say all this to make this point - The people behind the Ron Paul campaign co-option will stop at nothing to derail the campaign.

You have one weapon which can bring you victory over these dark powers. It is the reason I saw this last year.

Trust that voice deep within your heart.

And trust that the right people will rise up and surround Dr. Paul like Lafayette and others did to GW at the crises point of the 1770's.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.