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Got Milk ?

An old girlfriend use to regularly object to my faith in precious metals as a solid commodity investment by remarking - 'you can't eat gold.' She had a point. It's also not much of a growth investment play. You sock it away as a store of wealth.

But golden guernseys grow and multiply. Moreover, wilk and meat, and where it's derived, has intrinsic value if it connects to the real stuff that sustains life.

Dairy Cow Leasing:

Recently a friend asked to invest some money in animals on my farm to own a 'when TSHTF' commodity as a passive investor without all the work. We designed a deal that he regards as providing a great inflation hedged, off the grid return. In studying how to craft the structure that worked best for us I was surprised at all the online resources that are available to bring people together assisting people to customize arrangements, including university extension professors providing reports and formulas to aid in analyzing options.

It seems there are many organic food/raw milk fans who participate in herd sharing arrangements in order to have access to fresh farm products, but under the right relationship, as a more one-on-one investor you would likely receive your dairy products on a discounted basis while the connection would allow you to have greater security not just on your investment, but hands on security to your food. I've advised family to find a farmer near home, perhaps connecting through a local farmer's market. Once you are comfortable with the relationship, I'll bet you'll find your favorite small scale family farmer quite open to a proposal that he help you buy a few good young cows or heifers that he adds to his line up on leaseback terms that work for the both of you.
If, after looking into it, you think this might be for you and you have questions or need help designing a custom plan between 2 consenting parties, feel free to run ideas by me. I'd be glad to give you suggestions for particular symbiosis.

What could be a more libertarian/sound money/sustainable/revolutionary entrepreneurial investment in community based lifestyle, giving hedge when TSHTF ?