Comment: I'm very confident now that

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I'm very confident now that

Mr. Richard Gilbert knows what he's doing. It's so easy to see now how well thought out his plan is. Who would've thought the 3vol would end up in court?

1. Go for an injunction. If he loses, so what? Nothing we would not have lost anyway. But the law is clearly on his side, or he wouldn't sue.

2. If he wins, the RNC and other Defendants may file an appeal. So what? He'll have gotten a Writ [didn't say what it's called] for proof of the injunction for each Plaintiff to take with them to the Convention and can be shown to all the other delegates!
Even if an Appeal is excepted, Mr. Gilbert is Supreme Court qualified, and can argue his case all the way. What's important is that the Defendants can't stop the injunction before the Convention with delay tactics.

3. Win or Lose, Mr. Gilbert says he's following up with a RICO suit! [The first para. describes the RNC perfectly]

I think we're going to the Convention fully armed with a Court Order.

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