Comment: Pay more attention to keeping what you have

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Pay more attention to keeping what you have

In todays economy dollars are losing value while you are reading and bernanke is printing money and will not quit.(Absolutely do not buy anything on credit or take out any more loans. Do not go into debt) You should preserve the wealth you have right now you have more wealth than most Americans. You will have to diversify to protect your wealth. Just my take, buy some silver from a local dealer that does not require your name and address. Maybe a thousand or two of your money. Junk silver(90%) old us coins like dimes,quarters halves and silver dollars are easy to barter with and will grow in value. Don-t tell anyone you have it and hide it somewhere safe. Buy yourself a nice 22 rifle and as much ammo as you can say 5,000 rounds. I don't know if you are on your own or live with your parents but build a close family relationship. You will need a place to store drygoods. Buy yourself a Berkey water filter because water is the most important item in sustaining life. Buy like one poster said things like bic lighters, some alcohol(not to drink but to trade) The economy if Ron Paul does not become president will be barter. The things people need to survive is what you should buy when you see them. If you wish to start a new business with whats left and my suggestion would be invest in used tools and survival gear to resell. People will be looking for food, things to stay warm, ect. You could even sell your filtered water down the road if things get where they get tough. People will always trade for alcohol and cigarettes. Maybe rolling papers and tobacco would be good. Good us made tools are always good trading stock. You will survive any downturn if you do this. Buy at garage sales and auctions. Money will not do you any good soon. Used Comodities that are well made will hold their value. Always keep some cash as well just for the short term. You should do just fine.