Comment: Sorry this is also not for any

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Sorry this is also not for any

Freedom loving human. Rand is a Judas sell out and no matter how many time shills. Post garbage trying to do damage control, it wont work.

Same old left right paradigm, create oppositon or control opositon. Then like the pied pipper lead them back to the left or right of the paradign. When you have unlimited fiat debt issue money that you can digitize right out of thin air at no cost with no accountability you can buy these puppets at a dime a dozen.

What is hard is to find a non sell out that would be involved in the vile discusting federal govenrment. Thats a paradox in itself.

Rand is a big NO, he is a Judas who betrayed his family, his father, his supporters, his nation and humanity. Yet still grasping for straws some would promote this guy. Guess what the first time any critical govenrment agenda occurs everyone knows Rand is an easy sell out.

But good luck with you promo for the status quo neocon GOP Rand Judas.