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The liberty movement is bigger than Ron Paul

Yes, certainly. However tha is no reason to destroy the liberty movements two greatest assets at this point in time, Ron and Rand Paul.

I totally agree that you can't change the system by working for the system, I know how corrupt the entire system is and who is running it - and it ain't us.

But that is still no reason to destroy the greatest assets of the liberty movement. Look what Ron Paul has achieved inside the system. he has woken up millions of people. WOW!

Now rand will continue this fight to wake up more millions from inside the system and on national TV. Then when they wake up they can come to places like this and take the next steps and begin to understand how much they have been brainwashed and how little they know. Now that is a sensible strategy and Rand Paul is a great asset to help achieving this.

If you want to destroy everybody who doesn't get it 100% you will be lucky to find 10,000 people. Not enough for a revolution. To me that is quite obviously not a working strategy, but more of an ego thing - like I know and you don't and therefore you are stupid or corrupt and then I won't work with you. Ron Paul never did that but worked with everybody - just like Rand - and I think we can all learn a lot from that.