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You are correct

That this is how they do it, but I think there is one big difference. They don't normally change the minds of principled people as much as they replace them with fake principled people and then they use their propaganda media to promote the fake people and make brainwashed people follow these fake people. Rand Paul is not a fake as much as I can tell from his voting record.

The problem with the strategy you seem to be proposing is that after you help destroying Rand Paul there will be nobody or certainly one less person in the senate who will fight for your ideals and that is exactly what the establishment wants. If we don't support Rand Paul then they don't have to either and they can then continue their crocked game, however if we do support Rand Paul they have to play lip service to what he is saying for them to remain relevant and then both they and Rand help spreading some of the liberty message and make it more normal and accepted.