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What a Concept...

This 'Cult of Person' vs. 'Focus on Individual Liberty' tells a revealing story about some people I see posting here.

I also find it incredibly revealing to see the fervent defense and attempts to twist what Rand Paul did, into something positive. In my assessment, those who do so are no different than any other garden variety hack from the left or the right.

Liberty, freedom and this Constitutional Republic did not start with Ron Paul and certainly not with Junior Judas. Dr. Paul is an icon who has done much to awaken new people to the cause of liberty, but he is NOT liberty itself nor is he the engine that drives it.

For any who view him and the liberty movement in that way, you will lose it all when he fades away eventually. People who hitch themselves to any 'Cult of Person' are simply useful idiots.

If people lose the ability to call this what they are when it is one of 'their own' who goes Judas, then as I have previously said, those people are the seeds of co-option.

As an aside, this forum seems to have a healthy dose of people willing to use the 'prevailing authority' to ban contrary views and control information and discussion. Garden variety petty tyrants wearing the faux-mantle of liberty proponent.

It is what it is.