Comment: Young person I hold you in high esteem

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Young person I hold you in high esteem

For your diligence, patiience and dicipline in saving 10k. I am no expert concerning investments, but your post put a big smile on my face and heart and led me to give my 2 cents worth. In the area in which I live a person can take $1500-$2000 dollars and purchase 1 acre of property. Then I would suggest some heirloom seeds for future crops and build your own greenhouse(much cheaper but perhaps not as fancy) also for added growing potential. Youtube has many videos on how to build your own for very little cost. With the remaining money I would suggest holding a few thousand in Cash on hand and any used manual farming tools (eg: tiller)that can be purchased locally or at auction. Anyway, God Bless you and remain focused. You made my day young person. :)