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Comment: Bad case of Scabbies apparently

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Bad case of Scabbies apparently

As with any other critter that gets under ones skin, the initial reaction is to attempt to brush it off. If it does actually burrow under the skin, the natural reaction is to curse and swear and the little parasite that is attempting to commit a crime by stealing from the host.

Once the antidote, in your case the submission of facts by others posted in reply to your “mis-truths” [pc word for ya] , is administered for all to see, it becomes clear as to the fact of what the hidden agenda might actually be.

In the case at hand, you appear to have been successful at “attaching” yourself to the “skin” of Mr. Porter even after he injected facts (antidote). His failure to “brush the parasite” off allowed for the “parasite” to burrow under the skin and cause the natural reaction above to occur.

Again, as is with the case of “SCABBIES” [the critter at hand] the best antidote is to acquired from a “Good Doctor” the proper antidote (facts). That which you lack and is hence, the proper antidote against you.

Just sayin