Comment: Porter Davis Character and Maturity/Wisdom Level

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Porter Davis Character and Maturity/Wisdom Level

I promised myself I'd stay out of this nonsense; however, I have a question.

1. If this IS Porter Davis, does his language above indicate the kind of dignity and maturity level that you would feel good about representing you in an important lawsuit...or is it the kind of person Dr. Paul would want to "take-over" his campaign? Is it dignified or effective?

2. And, if this is not Porter Davis, this poster is representing himself as Porter Davis' voice. Mr. Davis, is this the way you want your character to be portrayed? If not, I would certainly ask the moderators of this site to show some integrity and not allow your name to be used in this way.

Now, I AM going to stay out of this nonsense. The BIG flags for everyone should be (a) we have taken over the campaign and (b) we are declaring mutiny. This is NOT the way you gain the kind of publicity for a lawsuit that you would want.