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But of course

vote the comment down. Vote it down based on emotions, not fact.

In all likelihood , you might be actually doing some FACTUAL research of my comment above. Let me help you a little bit.

I realize it is possible that a masonic oath might prevent one from admitting this but here we go:

The first sentence is the original Greek, the 2nd sentence is a literal translation, the 3rd sentence puts it in a easier modern form of the written English language:

Pater hêmôn ho en tois ouranois;
O-father of-us he in the heavens
'Our Father which art in heaven,'

hagiasthêtô to onoma sou,
hallowed-be the name of-you
'Hallowed be thy name.'

elthetô hê basileia sou,
come the kingdom of-you
'Thy kingdom come,'

genêthêtô to thelêma sou,
be-done the will of-you
'Thy will be done'

hôs en ouranô kai epi gês;
as in heaven also on earth
'in earth, as it is in heaven.'

ton arton hêmôn ton epiousion dos hêmin sêmeron;
the bread of-us the daily give to-us today
'Give us this day our daily bread.'

kai aphes hêmin ta opheilêmata hêmôn,
and forgive to-us the sins of-us
'And forgive us our debts'

hôs kai hêmeis aphêkamen tois opheiletais hêmôn;
as also we forgive the sinners of-us
'as we forgive our debtors.'

kai mê eisenegkês hêmas eis peirasmon,
and not lead us into temptation
'And lead us not into temptation'

alla hrusai hêmas apo tou ponêrou
but bring us away-from the evil
'but deliver us from evil.'

Notice there is no final supplication to AMEN? Or AMON? Or AMEN RA?

WOW, but it Can’t Be

All those years in Church, I thought my Pastor would have known this

Time to wake up. I will let you research when, how and why it is INSERTED. Again, I do not have time.