Comment: Lets kick some butt

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Lets kick some butt

in Tampa! The RNC wants a very unified look to go out through the media, so all the sheeple will support their choice. I am starting to think if we don't have protection in Tampa Paul delegates may be replaced. Remember what happened in Louisiana Convention, there just might be hundreds of off duty Tampa cops at the Convention.

I have only been supporting Ron Paul for only a year, but I didn't join his campaign to wimp out when the going get rough. I once told a Santorum supporter I would walk through fire for Paul, and I still mean that.

Going to Court is like walking through fire, we might get burned. But what's the alternative? Trying hard to win the rest of the State Conventions may not be enough.

I would love to see each delegate in Tampa being handed a court decision declaring all delegates are unbound. First thing would come to mind in every Romney delegate would be where and why did this happen. Each would be thinking some type of corruption took place for the courts to get involved. Every Paul delegate could fill them in about how corrupt the primary has been. We just may be the last vote flippers, but in a good way.

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