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Just Saying

PPl are goal oriented. Well most are... ;) Even when we do our RP money bombs ppl get a sense of accomplishment when they see the goal is being met/reached or over reached.... If someone has the number for Mr. Rhodes I'll call him myself. He can use the same email addy he's using now via paypal.

This way there is a dashboard of all donationas so he's not "hiding" assets.... ;) that said with much sarcasm.....

Call back roster has a little over 750 Marines on it. I'm sure some of the emails will bounce back. However, it's a start... Also, if someone has a "Fakebook" account I don't! Post to Vets for Ron Paul.

Now about the Medical.... Shouldn't this vet Mr. Bodeker and his late wife Lorna have been receiving Health coverage through VA? Or is it since they were of retirement age they should have at least been recieving coverage through medicare Part A/B. With that said all hopsital exp. should have been covered. Collectors usually stop when they are sent a copy of the Death cert. Well they should. Not only does he need a BK attorney but one that is also well versed in the Fair Debt Collection Laws. I think the Scam-ee (christy) her name doesn't warrant a capitol letter, has violated several on behalf of the creditors...

File a complaint with them as well as the Attorney General in the state.

Homestead exemption is just that an exemption... He can also exempt pensions and Social Securty as well as his wifes death benfit is exempt in BK. Along with other assets like a vehicle, clothing and furniture etc. It varies on the ammounts from state to state.

If that was my dad I would be filing counter suit.