Comment: I say 'placebo' because...

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I say 'placebo' because...

...your body can't absorb 95% of the vitamins and minerals in supplements, Youngevity or otherwise. Assuming you have a balanced diet, you get plenty of the nutrients you need. I know people 'feel better' when they're taking supplements, but physiologically they make little impact- hence placebo. And as for the pyramid scheme he's developed to peddle the products, well, like Amway, Herbalife, etc. it's a charlatan's business plan.
AJ has every right to do what he does. All I've done is shared my opinion, which many DP'ers do, correct? In fact I wouldn't have even mentioned him were it not for a DP post today titled "Alex Jones extends olive branch to Rand and Ron." I started to think to myself, "who the hell does this joker think he is? Self righteous much Alex?" So I was inspired to inform DP'ers as I saw it.
I listened to him for years, watched all his films, had the infowars bumper sticker, yada yada yada.... but I soon started realizing that I wasn't learning anything new, I was growing tired of his egomania, found much of his paranoia unfounded, and more or less started to see through his schtick. It wasn't until much later that I found this Jack Blood radio show episode that solidified all of my suspicions about AJ's character and motivations.
So I've shared it with DailyPaul. Take it or leave it, it matters not to me.