Comment: Won't somebody think of the Nazis?

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Won't somebody think of the Nazis?

What could be better for a would-be Nazi than a bit of education from Ron Paul? Imagine, they see Ron Paul listed as "America's most dangerous nazi" and they think "wow, I might be able to learn something from this guy". It's like the ultimate Trojan horse.

If someone does a google search for nazi (or socialism, progressivism, communism, war, sanctions, federal reserve, fiat money, war on drugs, etc) I think it would be a good thing if Ron Paul came up high on the list.

more search engine fodder: Ron Paul Nazi Ron Paul Socialist Ron Paul Progressive Ron Paul Communist Ron Paul War Ron Paul Sanctions Ron Paul Federal Reserve Ron Paul Fiat Money Ron Paul War on Drugs Ron Paul War on Terror Ron Paul Greenbackism Ron Paul Monsanto Ron Paul Greece Ron Paul Police Ron Paul

(Had to throw 'Greece' and 'Police' in there because apparently more than half of all police officers in Greece voted for pro-Nazi party Golden Dawn in the elections of May 6th.)