Comment: What do people think of WikiLeaks

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What do people think of WikiLeaks

It was news to me so I posted it. If we are too strict about expiry dates on events, we may have to discard Ron Paul outtakes from four months ago, let alone all sorts of outtakes from his brilliant career stretching 30 years. That being said, thanks for extra links for background to this story.

What do people think of WikiLeaks. I have heard lots of good and bad, (no doubt the bad would be from detractors and should be reviewed, if only to confirm as lies and slander.

Not sure how much store I put by Webster Tarpley's information anymore, however he does claim that Julian is MK-Ultra from childhood. He also says WikiLeaks is controlled opposition based on Julian's stated distaste from Truth Movement and other grassroots organizations.

My own suspicious are aroused because despite supposed damming information being leaked, Julian is alive and holed up in England...(Tarpley claims it's an estate owned by Rothschild or affiliates). Furthermore, Julian has his own TV show and is rather prominent figure of late what with his photo on TIMES magazine. Hardly something I would expect from someone who is seriously challenging the powers that be.

Looking forward to the intel from the commons...