Comment: Your commentary is very well

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Your commentary is very well

Your commentary is very well reasoned. Excellent commentary.

A few suggestions:
- Have you considered promotions for your work (other than your listener referrals?)
- The video has a dull awkward color scheme background.
- Although the content is good, I had to listen a couple of times before I synched with your style and understood you. (Not saying this is good or bad, just a comment.)
- Your style is very dry. Your facial expressions are bland and you do not seem enthusiastic or even interested in your own work. Be bold and believe in the truth, and the power and goodness of truth.
- You do seem confident in your analysis, but you come across as not confident in your audience. I think believing in your audience will improve your body language. Have faith. I believe your work is valuable. Do you believe it is valuable? Give it your all. Do you believe in the command, "be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect"? In principle form, should we seek excellence and virtue in everything that we do?