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Comment: Gold & Silver

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Gold & Silver

30% gold and 30% silver is what I would diversify your money into, but not yet. I say this because I would not be surprised if both come way down in price before the end of the year, before shooting back up again.

Take silver for example: it was $50 US per ounce in 04/2011, now its now around $29 US per ounce. Bottom line for me on silver is if you hear of it getting close to mining / production cost buy some.

Gold I would like to buy around the same time as silver, and if silver goes that low in price chances are gold will have come down a fair notch as well.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the monthly charts for gold and silver. Possible entry points include $14.55 per ounce (silver) and $680 per ounce (gold).